Everything Happens for a Reason

When someone dies and leaves a will we don’t know the reason why they left what they did. We just have to accept it. When Jesus died on the cross for my sins he left a will. I believe that will is the reason why all things happen. How I choose to accept his will determines how God works through me.

Life is what we make it, by being positive I’m able to find the good in negative situations. Using my time to better my mind, body and soul has thought me to view life differently. Owning my truth allows me to focus on my reality then begin building from there.

I know that anything is possible. Whatever I want in life is right there for the taking. I just have to want it enough to learn how to do it. If it’s something that’s been done before then it’s no secret to how to do what I want to do. This is the meaning of knowledge is power and power is the ability to do.

When doing something for the first , I don’t know what the outcome will be. As I continue on educating myself and learning from my mistakes how to proceed without fear of failure will become evident. When someone gives me the information I need to do my thing, it’s up to me to use it. when people see what I’m doing they will support me if I have something for them to support.

I can’t change the past but I can use the present to shape the future. When I reflect on my youth I can see how I could have done things better. Knowing this I now strive to make my future self proud of me today. I do this by holding myself down with proper preparation to prevent poor performance. Also reinforcing bridges instead of burning them because I never know when I may need to cross again.

I don’t make promises because broken promises are never forgotten. The truth is that promises don’t leave room for reconsideration upon obtaining more information. Therefore, I just speak the true. Even when it hurts. Since I’m not perfect I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong. To me right is right, wrong is wrong and being wise is not just knowing the difference between right and wrong but being able to choose right over wrong no matter what the situation is.

Since I can’t mix the two I put business before pleasure. To ensure success I make sure to do my part. At night I reflect back on today and consider whether I accomplish my goals for the day. If not, then why? And how can I utilize tomorrow to do so?

I didn’t have anyone to teach me a lot of the things I needed to know. While incarcerated I was surrounded by people who tried to make it sound good but couldn’t tell me what I really wanted to know. The solution was to read books by people doing the things I want to do. Day and night I studied home buying, real estate investing, credit repairing, limited liability companies, personal finances, mutual funds, Small Business Financial Management, developing in iPhone app, marketing and Fitness. Doing this turned the hands of time into a benefit instead of allowing it to be wasted.

Now I’m in the process of forming care pictures love into a nonprofit organization where all proceeds will go toward providing school supplies to children with incarcerated parents. The goal is to teach these children the importance of education, how to make the right choices and not get led down the wrong path in life.

Simplifying the process to send pictures to incarcerated friends and family will give inmates something to look forward to upon their release. Family first is how it should be… so put your family first by using www.carepictureslove.com and share those moments with you’re missing loved one. Let him know he is not alone.

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